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Vaginal Infections During Pregnancy Do not Ignore 7 Reasons

Being vaginal discharge isn't always most effective harmful, however also chief trouble happens often. If there's a white discharge in pregnancy, do not forget about at all. Find out here

Vaginal Infections During Pregnancy Do not Ignore 7 Reasons

Vaginal discharge in Pregnancy: Vaginal discharge in pregnancy is a common thing but it can also be a sign of danger. Pregnant Lady does not share everything quickly with the doctor. Vaginal discharge also comes in it.

Vaginal Infections During Pregnancy Do not  Ignore 7 Reasons
Vaginal Infections During Pregnancy Do not  Ignore 7 Reasons
Normally women are discharged, which are normal, but the discharge of white color should not be ignored in pregnancy at all. Let us know what causes the vaginal discharge in pregnancy:

Vaginal infection may cause major disadvantages in pregnancy

Urinary bleeding

Many times bleeding is stopped in the vicinity of the eutrosse and is stopped. But as a blood clot, it comes out gradually. When it comes out, due to the old blood, it emits with dark color and clot. Although this may be normal discharge but it should not be ignored. This must be told to your doctor.
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High level of estrogens

At times, levels of estrogens are high in pregnancy. Due to this, blood supply increases in Utrera, and this increases the amount of discharge in the vagina.

Vaginal progesterone

Many times, progesterone is given to progesterone so that the cover of their thin line of Uterus can be prepared and stop their pregnancy. These medicines are given to women, whose weetres pouch is weak or small. Progesterone can not be absorbed several times and it starts coming out of the way of the vagina.


Due to the skin color or viscous bit discharge in the last months of pregnancy is caused by mucus. Indeed, the symptom is that the time of delivery has come closer.

Biochemical pregnancy

The reason for such discharge can be the sign of Early Miscellaneous. It is also possible that pregnancy is proven from urine test in pregnancy but when pregnancy occurs, ultrasound does not appear. In such a way, the discharge of the Pink color is sometimes the sign of Early Miscarriage. In such cases, the doctor should tell about this so that it can be investigated in a good way.

Vaginal injection

If there is bad smell in the discharge from the angina or its smell is something strange, then it is a vaginal infection. If you are having trouble with the eching, then show it to the doctor immediately. Normal discharge from the vagina is white, clear and thin. There is no smell in it.

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