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Top 10 Tips To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019

Tips To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019:- The new year 2019 is coming in a few days, if you are completely new year, then you are on the board with a mentality, but you are worried about getting entangled in your diet in 2019, here to stay on track To help you, 10 tips have been given to make you a healthy one.

Top 10 Tips To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019
Top 10 Tips To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019

Eating wholesome doesn’t have to experience like a chore (or even like an eating regimen, in keeping with se) because it’s extra approximately a trade in mentality and way of life in place of a strict eating regiment.

Picking and choosing how you indulge yourself and shopping for healthy food that aren’t exertions in depth are just some of the methods that will help you devour higher in no time.

1. Don’t Keep Tempting Unhealthy Foods On Hand

Everyone loves snacking on potato chips every so often, but it’s smooth to get carried away whilst munching on the one's sorts of food. Before you realize it, you’ve eaten 1/2 of the bag and derailed your healthful consuming for the day. The simple method to this problem is the chorus from retaining these less-healthy snack ingredients on hand.

2. Change The Way You Indulge In Sweets

I love dessert as a whole lot as the subsequent girl, and the weight-reduction plan doesn’t must imply that you can’t fulfill your candy enamel. Opt for a bit bit of darkish chocolate as opposed to a bowl of ice cream to give your self a moderate indulgence that received’t go away you feeling responsible.

3. Pack Your Lunch

Having a wholesome lunch that you carry from your private home will help you from creating a meal out of what the merchandising device has to offer.

4. Add Flavor To Your Veggies

Vegetables don’t must be flavorless. If you upload spices and or sauces crafted from vinaigrette and other seasonings, you may make your greens taste so precise that you’ll clearly want to devour them.

5. Talk With A Friend

Having someone that you may communicate to approximately your consuming behavior and goals will assist you to live motivated due to the fact you’ll realize you’ve got someone on your corner.
Top 10 Tips To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019
Top 10 Tips To Maintain A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019

6. Keep A Journal

Holding your self responsible is a massive part of sticking with, nicely, whatever. This in reality includes converting your ingesting conduct. Jot down notes to motivate and remind yourself why you need to be a more fit person this year and for years to come.

7. Reward Yourself

When you meet goals of workout, consuming properly for 3 weeks instantly, and so on. Praise your self. Your praise doesn’t have to revolve around food, either. You can treat your self by using pouring a pitcher of wine and pampering yourself with a manicure or new pair of exercising garments.

8. Make Healthy Meals & Quick

We all understand that whilst you get home from work the last aspect you need to do is take an hour to restoration dinner. Picking up pre-organized fowl, and so on. From the grocery save can make dinner a lot faster, and it’s manner higher for you than picking up from your favorite speedy food eating place.

9. Indulge, But Wisely

You can still have your favorite ingredients from time to time, just be clever about how you pick to treat yourself. You will have the ice cream after dinner, just don’t also have a pastry for breakfast, you already know?

10. Sit At A Table When You Eat

Having prepared meals at a table will keep you from getting carried away with snacking. When you’re done eating, leave the desk. When it’s time for the next meal, cross back to the table. You get the idea. This will genuinely help keep you on a timetable.

Follow these hints, and you’ll be well for your way to turning into healthier in 2019. These ten thoughts will make it easy a good way to reach your goals and live a wholesome existence. That’s the excellent gift you can ever provide your self, so right here’s to you!

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Fast Weight Loss Tips For Men And Women

If a person asks you what to do to shed pounds? So the solution might be running within the morning, visit the fitness center or do dieting. But we're telling you a few methods that you can lessen your weight without doing anything. Yes, additionally consuming, drinking, laughing, sleeping and having amusing ...

Fast Weight Loss Tips For Men And Women
Fast Weight Loss Tips For Men And Women

Weightless than milk is weighed

Studies have shown that metabolism is real for folks who drink milk. To shed pounds, it's miles important that you drink the milk of that cow which eats grass. There is a special kind of acid inside the milk of such cows, which will increase the velocity of burning fats in the body.

Take a whole lot of sleep

This component is likewise ideal. When we sleep, the body lives in repair mode. Those who do now not take complete sleep, their frame system will become disturbed. Hormones are also disciplined, which ends up in obesity. So name off the telephone at night time, settle inside the office work workplace and spot the serial in the subsequent morning. Take a whole lot of sleep and hold the frame device in shape.

Lose weight and lose weight

The old pronouncing that chortle is a drug. Laughing is not just nerve alleviation, but the immune machine additionally improves. Not best this, but energy from this additionally burn. Heartbeat will increase while laughing, blood circulates is fast and the muscular tissues of the stomach are tone. If you snort freely five times an afternoon, you can lose 4.4 pounds in a year. Take care, to lose weight, one gram rely.

Burn from green tea fat

Drinking green tea gets rid of the metabolic machine. By this, you could burn up to four hundred calories per week. Not simplest this, inexperienced tea additionally incorporates antioxidants, which might be useful in many ways.

Do no longer ignore breakfast

Breakfast is the most crucial part of our whole day's meal. Healthy Breakfast enables us to get the satisfactory begin of our day so that we get the power to paintings all day. Even in case you are not mendacity to the workplace, do not ignore breakfast. Put a dependency of breakfast inside 1 hour after sleeping. Doing so will keep your metabolism and decrease weight.

Pay attention to your food

Many humans get used to eating food whilst looking TV. Despite repeated causes of the householders, we make this error and we do not care about how lots of meals we've got eaten. So, even as consuming, take note of your food, how a great deal food you are putting in your mouth.

Dinner earlier than 8 o'clock

To shed pounds, the maximum important issue is which you must take your dinner by means of 8 o'clock so that you can keep away from snacking a pre-dinner snack. Also, brush at once after dinner and take green tea. If you have got any thoughts of eating it to your thoughts then it'll disappear.

Drink extra water

We ought to drink 8 glasses of water every day. We have all heard approximately this, but there are few people from us that follow this component. Also, people who follow, do now not even recognize what's the proper time to drink water. By ingesting water in the center of the meal, the digestive process slows down, which reduces the body's absorption of vitamins. To growth frame metabolism, drink water most effective after 15 minutes or 15 mins.

Eat fruit earlier than eating

If you also are dreaming to shed pounds whilst sitting at domestic, it's for the nice way to detoxify the frame. Fruit consumption. Take the fruit 30 minutes earlier than you visit a heavy mile. Also, if you want an empty belly can also consume fruit. They have digestion and provide strength to the frame, which reduces the weight.

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Natural Hair Growth Tips For Long And Beautiful Hair

Long, brilliant and wholesome hair is an easily conceivable aim, supplied you devote some time to hair care and observe those helpful all-herbal healthy hair recommendations.
Having lengthy, healthful and exquisite hair is what most ladies desire for, except you are the pixie reduce type. Maintaining your hair and ensuring it appears best can be tricky, particularly thinking about our erratic lifestyle, pollution, and terrible meals habits. But the dream of getting excellent hair isn't always not possible to achieve, you simply need to recognize the right things to do and practice them with dedication. Just comply with these simple hair boom splendor recommendations for wholesome hair, and also you’ll be able to recreation locks that even Rapunzel could have envied.
Natural Hair Growth Tips For Long And Beautiful Hair
Natural Hair Growth Tips For Long And Beautiful Hair

Trim Hair Every 6-eight Weeks

Trim your hair regularly. Damaged ends are your hair's worst enemy. Monthly hair trims help put off cut up-ends and assist you to keep away from hair fall. Remember split-ends mess up no longer simply your hair's duration but additionally affect the shine, volume, and smoothness of your hair. Always remember, a little trim on a normal foundation, is a first-rate tip so one can obviously assist hair boom.

Treat it with Hair Mask

Hair that is extra than shoulder-length can be several years vintage (yes, we speak me approximately the lower part of your hair duration). So, bear in mind that it needs more TLC than what a normal conditioner would possibly provide. Instead, great hair masks can provide the right kind of pampering to your hair.

Apply a hair mask every week to circumstance and nourish the hair significantly. Frisk egg whites with a little little bit of lemon juice and observe it for your hair. Alternately, an aggregate of warm olive oil, cinnamon and honey can paintings well as a hair mask. Apply it to damp hair, depart it on for 10 minutes, then shampoo and circumstance as usual.

Hair Scalp therapy

Do not forget about the scalp because it needs as a lot of care as your hair. It is vital to maintaining the hair roots healthy, as dust, oil, and lifeless pores and skin cells can collect at the scalp affecting hair boom. Gently rub down the scalp together with your palms while you shampoo to get the dirt out. For brought moisturization, try making use of fresh Aloe Vera gel at the scalp as a minimum once every week leaving it for a half-hour earlier than washing it off.

Avoid harsh chemical compounds

We can't emphasize it enough--say NO to harsh chemical remedies and products that may severely mess along with your hair. Go herbal as a way and as a great deal as feasible. When it involves chemicals, less is greater-so, avoid the use of heavily scented shampoos or even conditioners as much as you may. The lesser the quantity of product you apply, the longer and higher you hair will live.

Air dry your hair

We are so used to wrapping our hair in turbans after wash. This can cause masses of hair breakage and hair fall. It's better to allow hair dry naturally after gently wiping and patting with a gentle towel.

Eating right and wholesome

Diet performs an important role in hair growth. Protein is vital for long hair so make certain you have become sufficient protein for your weight-reduction plan. This can be done by means of increasing your intake of protein wealthy meals like dairy, fish, pulses, nuts, eggs, lean meat and soya. Eat meals that sell hair growth.

Hair dietary supplements

If nothing works, attempt taking dietary supplements. Omega 3 fatty acids, biotin (nutrition B1) and zinc are some important vitamins to recollect. Studies have shown that those supplements elongate the hair follicle, which makes hair develop faster, and also stimulate the cells that cause your hair to grow. If you watched you are not getting enough of all of the hair-building vitamins then cross for the dietary supplements after consulting your medical doctor.

Stay hydrated

Water isn't always simply suitable in your frame, it is ideal for your hair and pores and skin too. Staying hydrated is very crucial, if you want healthful hair. What's the relationship between the two? Well, dehydrated frame leads to dehydrated, breakage-inclined hair, so ensure you drink sufficient water each day.

Avoid very hot water

When washing your hair it's an excellent idea to pass particularly warm water because it weakens the hair, making it dry and brittle. Try lukewarm water as a substitute and keep in mind, the closing rinse must be with bloodless water, to close hair follicles and hold them wholesome.

Avoid Heat styling

Heat styling can fry your hair, making it brittle and weak, which, in flip, will preserve it from developing lengthy and strong. Go clean on hot styling hair gear, until you want breakage and frizz-causing permanent harm your locks.

Take care at the same time as brushing

How you brush your hair is also extraordinarily crucial as tough and constant brushing can cause physical damage in your hair. Be especially cautious while you detangle moist hair, as maximum damage and hair loss can occur then.
With regularly oiling your hair and those natural recommendations allow you to obtain longer hair most effective in case you are regular and affected person. Use natural coconut oil nourish the scalp. On an average, hair grows about 1/2 an inch a month so do now not expect a miracle.

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Best Power Health Diet For Women Of Any Age

It has become very difficult to keep yourself fit in today's sharp life. In such a situation, it is necessary to face many difficulties related to swath. In such a situation, to keep ourselves fit, we need to improve our diet. I am about to tell about some of the diets which can make their health better by using which women of all ages can fit themselves.
Best Power Health Diet For Women Of Any Age
Best Power Health Diet For Women Of Any Age

PARMESAN CHEESE strengthens bones

Calcium is key for stopping osteoporosis (in particular on your 20s). Yogurt and nonfat milk assist, however, who wants them three instances an afternoon? Work Parmesan cheese into your weight-reduction plan; its 340 mg of calcium in step with ounce – in comparison to approximately two hundred mg in cheddar or Swiss – is going a protracted manner in the direction of your a thousand mg/day quota.

APPLES enhance immunity

Smart and candy, apples are wealthy in quercetin, an antioxidant that could bolster your frame's disease-preventing abilities. In one observe from Appalachian State University, just 5 percent of individuals who ate extra quercetin came down with a respiration infection over a two-week duration, compared to 45 percent of folks that did not.
Best Power Health Diet For Women
Best Power Health Diet For Women

LENTILS build your iron shops

Low-calorie lentils p.C. Approximately 30 percent of your day by day iron per cup cooked. About 12 percent of younger girls have low iron stores – at the intense, that results in anemia. But one take a look at observed that even ladies who have been iron deficient (not anemic) had poorer performances on skill exams than people with normal tiers.

BROCCOLI fights wrinkles

"A cup of broccoli has one hundred percent of your diet C—important for manufacturing of collagen, which gives pores and skin elasticity,” says Tammy Lakatos Shames, R.D. It's additionally wealthy in beta-carotene, which the frame converts to diet A. This nutrition assists in cell turnover, so old pores, and skin cells are replaced with sparkling (study: more youthful-looking) ones.
Best Power Health Diet Broccoli
Best Power Health Diet Broccoli

POTATOES  Healthful carbs

Potatoes incorporate a fat-fighting compound referred to as resistant starch that may assist preserve weight in take a look at. One medium spud with the pores and skin will run you simply round one hundred energy, and with more potassium than bananas, potatoes additionally help fight coronary heart disorder with the aid of retaining blood strain low.

SPINACH is dense with key vitamins

This leafy inexperienced is excessive in vitamin K and also contains calcium and magnesium – a mixture which can help sluggish the breakdown of bone that occurs as you become old – as well as folate, a B vitamin that helps prevent delivery defects. And it packs just 7 energy consistent with cup raw!

DARK CHOCOLATE stops pressure and fights ailment

European researchers located that individuals who ate an ounce and a half of dark chocolate – about 2 hundred calories really worth—every day for two weeks produced much less of the strain hormone cortisol and stated feeling less frazzled. Cortisol reasons a brief upward thrust in blood
strain; continually excessive tiers up your danger for depression, obesity, coronary heart sickness and more.

MUSHROOMS supply cancer-preventing antioxidants

One has a look at confirmed that ladies who ate simply one 1/3 of an oz of raw mushrooms an afternoon (it's about one button mushroom) had a 64 percent reduction in breast most cancers danger. Other research indicates that mushrooms lessen the results of aromatase, a protein that allows producing estrogen – a chief issue in some breast cancers.

SARDINES fight heart disorder

These smelly little fish are precise assets of omega-three acids, which decrease infection which could cause blocked arteries. They also save you blood clots that can purpose heart attacks and strokes, and keep blood vessels easy and supple. Three oz. Of sardines have approximately 1.Three grams of omega-3s (you need about 1 gram a day).

AVOCADOS help flatten your belly

Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat, which has been proven to help you drop weight, consisting of from your tough middle. In one have a look at, individuals who were given the maximum monos (approximately 23 percent of their everyday energy) had about five pounds less stomach fat than those who ate an excessive-carb, decrease-fats food plan.

BELL PEPPERS shield your eyes

Age-associated macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts are leading causes of vision loss, but foods rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C, like bell peppers, can keep eyes sharp. A cup of sliced red, yellow and orange peppers incorporates almost two times your daily diet C, plus 116 micrograms (mcg) of lutein, and 562 mcg of zeaxanthin.

WHOLE-GRAIN PASTA boosts strength

Whole-grain pasta is loaded with B nutrients, which help your frame convert meals into energy. And in contrast to processed grain products that lack fiber, complete grains are extra filling than their subtle opposite numbers. In other phrases, you will feel happy with fewer energy.

Fashion Tips And Style For Skinny Girls

Fashion Tips And Style For Skinny Girls
Fashion Tips And Style For Skinny Girls

Nature occasionally plays hints with us by gifting a few people with a great body shape, while others get no longer the exceptional features. Most folks always dream of getting a perfect frame, and not using a undesirable fats round our thighs, waist or face. Still, there's a wonderful navy of girls who might supply the entirety best to get a couple of kilos. What to do to get hold of a perfect appearance and experience a actual pride each time we look at ourselves in the mirror, and, of the path, be constantly within the center of attention in particular via the other sex? There are dozens of approaches to conceal unwanted elements of our body by means of in reality deciding on the suitable outfit.

The only aspect to maintain in thoughts is that even in case you evaluate women with the equal weight, that doesn't imply, that the selection of 1 and the equal garments will fit them each the equal way. All we want to bear in mind is that each of us represents an person frame shape, which calls for a character approach. Your closest buddy or the one that you love actress isn't you, so never dream of imitating them and putting yourself in a humorous situation. And in no way forget that you have a privilege, considering your extra small sizes are maximum commonly unfold sizes at stores, as most designers love developing unique outfits for tiny proportions.

Fashion Tips for Skinny Girls

Here, we constitute a list of style pointers for thin women, who need to look fascinating, with out the need of gaining weight and filling skinny elements of their our bodies.

Avoid vertical stripes

If vertical stripes are the exceptional choice for those who are outsized, then for skinny ladies it's far the worst choice. Vertical stripes have a tendency to make your frame longer, slimmer, as a consequence concealing the more pounds you have. But for thin ladies, it's far a major catastrophe. It will make your appear even thinner. If you, however, decide on stripes, then select horizontal ones, so as to upload a few curves in your body and make you look less skinny.

Say no to high heels

As in case of vertical stripes, excessive heels can even deliver the equal impression. By looking even taller than you genuinely are, you may seem like a directly geometrical line without a curve. Give choice to apartments or boots, with a purpose to go with nearly any sort of outfit you choose. In case you pick a stylish cocktail dress that has no other manner than to be worn with excessive heels, then pick a couple of footwear with tiny heels.

Clean up your closet from tight denim

No count what style experts tell us about state-of-the-art tight or thin jeans, they nonetheless continue to be a terrible desire for not most effective skinny ladies but for the relaxation as well. Doctors have tested that using this type of pants does damage to our fitness. They can be painful for full stomachs, for instance, or excessive thighs. Besides they devise a series of undesirable troubles for girls seeking to conceive. In addition to this terrible impact of thin denims, they do not in shape thin ladies at all, given that they give the illusion that your legs start from your ears. So try to pick straight reduce wide-legged pants, conventional pants or denims for you to have a few greater room on your legs. Besides, you'll experience extra comfortable in them.

Choose vivid shades

Feel loose to pick out any color you want except for dark ones. Black, brown, gray or any sun shades of darkish hues will make you look even slimmer. Let fluffy women pick out those colors. Pick any shade of a rainbow. If you want to appear wider, wear impartial hues and play with evaluation. For instance, group up mild tops and dark bottoms or vice versa. Also, play with prints and styles. So deliver freedom on your imagination and you'll be probable to make a perfect choice.

Go lower back for your formative years

You will take into account that again in your youth you had special colors of infant-doll formed clothes. Now it’s excessive time you purchased them again. Choose this kind of attire and you may observe how your proportions will alternate. Choose one colored get dressed to keep away from a fusion. They will add extra curves to your body, by using making you look fuller and shorter. Only do this in case you are tall sufficient. For quick ladies, this trick might not have the right effect. You will, certainly, be taken for a youngster.

Grab unfastened sweaters

Loose sweaters will no longer define your silhouette and will make you sense greater confident. Add tights or a slender skirt for a whole appearance.

Turn to Layering

Layering a few portions no longer best creates an extra standout and style-forward look but makes you look fuller. You can also play layering with a single garment. And if you aren’t that creative to layer garments, simply cross for chunky garments, in an effort to also keep you warm in the course of chilly months.

Never use belts at mid-waist

We all realize that wearing a belt on the mid-waist location makes one look slimmer, so this is sincerely no longer your accessory!

Use scarves

Scarves aren't best tremendous style accessories that add beauty and femininity to a woman’s appearance however additionally make a narrow girl look her high-quality length. Everyone knows the electricity of this small accessory. It does miracles. Even a tiny dark dress can get a clean appearance with a colored smooth scarf. Scarves will make your neck look less lengthy and in the event that they reach your bosom, they'll appearance fuller, therefore supplying you with a hot look.

By following every of those fashion guidelines you will be a success. Play with colorings, take specific textures, watch fashion indicates and discover ways to combine garments. Work effectively and you'll quickly notice the switch from a skinny woman to a fashionable woman.

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8 Winter Tips For Healthy Living In The Winter Season

Winters are here and even as we are all looking forward to the feasting and snuggling, it is crucial to attend to fitness as nicely. Like some other season, winter also demands unique dietary and lifestyle adjustments to put together the body for the bloodless climate. Staying hydrated won't appear to be an essential aspect to do at some point of winters, as we don't lose a variety of sweat in the course of cold climate. But as in summers, consuming sufficient water and maintaining it in the body is essential during winters as properly. Staying hydrated can also appear like a smooth enough aspect to do throughout winters, but it can now not be so for some of the motives. For one, dehydration is a good deal much less substantive at some point of winters, then it is throughout summers as you do not observe how a lot of sweat you have lost below all the one's layers of apparel.

For any other, the dryness in the air might also dehydrate our bodies quicker than we will imagine and most usually we don't even feel thirsty, so our want for good enough water may continue to be unmet. The outcomes of dehydration may be subtle and as a result, less substantive in the course of winters, however, it is vital to paintings pre-emptively to fill up the fluid reserves of the body, with the intention to keep away from any physical discomfort inside the destiny.
8 Winter Tips For Healthy Living In The Winter Season
8 Winter Tips For Healthy Living In The Winter Season

Here are a few fitness benefits of ingesting ok water all through winters:

         Temperature Regulation: Water allows modify the frame temperature, at some stage in each summer and winters. Staying hydrated may be a sure shot manner to stay heat internally and prevent situations like hypothermia. 

          Boosting Immunity: The bloodless and dry air can also sap your frame of power, making you experience slow or even making you more at risk of bloodless and flu. Stay hydrated to reinforce immunity and defend your body from ailments.

         Regulating Weight: When you're hydrated, your frame is extra capable of breaking down fats, efficiently regulating frame weight.

 Four. Boosting Skin Health: Drinking good enough water is one of the first things any beauty professional will endorse to you for pores and skin fitness. During winters, it is essential to stay hydrated to prevent dry and stupid skin.
How To Stay Hydrated During Winters 

 Drink Warm/Room Temperature Water: After an exercise in the course of winters or even typically, one needs to drink drinks or water that is at room temperature. This is because cold water/beverages get absorbed faster in the frame. 
Eat Fruits/Veggies With High Water Content: Eating a whole lot of fresh fruits and veggies with excessive water content is likewise the first-rate manner to stay hydrated. Load up on strawberries, oranges, pineapple, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, cucumber, and so on. 

 Limit Consumption of Alcohol/Caffeine: Although it's extraordinarily tempting to take pleasure in hot teas, coffees and alcohol for the duration of winters, both alcohol and caffeine can also dehydrate your frame, so immoderate intake of each is not endorsed.

Four. Eat More Soups/Broths: Salty meals like soups and broths are wholesome and may assist in retaining water in the frame. They additionally have the brought gain of warming you up from the interior.

Heart Disease Symptoms For Heart Attack

Heart diseases are involved in many situations that affect your heart. It includes cardiovascular failure, coronary artery disease, erythema, angina, and other cardiac infections, irregularities and birth defects. The word "heart disease" is often used to replace each other with the word "cardiovascular disease".
A cardiovascular disease usually refers to those conditions which contain narrow or blocked blood vessels in the heart, which can lead to heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke.
A saturated fat diet, impending lifestyle, misuse of alcohol, high blood pressure, diabetes are some factors that can increase the risk of heart disease.

Heart Disease Symptoms For Heart Attack
Heart Disease Symptoms For Heart Attack

Symptoms of Cardiovascular Diseases

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease depend on the type of disease. In fact, sometimes it may be difficult to keep in mind the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases, or they may be present without initial symptoms.

The symptoms of cardiovascular disease in your blood vessels (atherosclerotic disease) cardiovascular disease is due to narrow, blocked or hard blood vessels, which prevents your heart, brain or other parts of your body from receiving enough blood. Symptoms of the cardiovascular disease can vary for men and women. Some symptoms are:

1 shortness of breath
2 chest pain (angina)
3 neck, jaw, throat, upper stomach or back pain
4 Pain, restraint, weakness or cold 5 in your feet or hands, in those parts of your body in which blood vessels are compressed.

Diagnosis of cardiovascular disease can be difficult. It can happen that, unless you have a heart attack, angina, stroke or heart failure, your cardiovascular disease cannot be diagnosed.
Symptoms of heart disease due to the abnormal heartbeat (heart erythematous)
Heart's Erythemia is the heartbeat of the heart. Your heart can kill very slow, very fast or irregularly. Symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia may include:

1 chronic crunch
2 Heartbeat (tachycardia)
3 slow heartbeat (bradycardia)
4 chest pain or discomfort
5 shortness of breath
6  dizziness
7 unconsciousness

Heart disease symptoms due to heart defects

Congenital heart defects can be diagnosed before birth, immediately after birth, during childhood or until adulthood. There can be defects even when there are no symptoms. Occasionally, it can be diagnosed due to the heart's crisp, physical examination or abnormal EKG.

Cardiac symptoms in children include:

Fade gray or blue skin color (Neelima)
Inflammation of the legs, stomach or surrounding areas
In a child, lack of breath during breastfeeding, which results in weight reduction